More and more people are suddenly finding themselves in a position of vulnerability, whether it be financial or personal, due to current levels of unemployment, which for some, rather than being temporary or short-lived, ends up being their new normal.


Since 2014 Il Cantiere della Provvidenza , in its efforts on behalf of the most vulnerable, has been affiliated with Caritas of the Belluno Feltre Diocese . The local coordinating function that Caritas performs with regard to the most in need is enhanced by the logistical support of the Il Cantiere della Provvidenza, in a partnership which aims to create a working network between the various Parishes in the Diocese.

The operational union of the two entities gave rise to the San Martino – Five Loaves and Two Fishes project, which whilst guaranteeing work to those in need also made it possible for maintenance work to be carried out whenever indicated by the parishes in the Diocese.


Today the project has become the Cantiere San Martino, thanks in part to the economic support of the Cariverona Foundation.
We remain steadfast to the idea that part of the resources which individual parishes allocate to people needing help should be transformed into providing work that provides both dignity to the individual (I have no money, I need financial help and a job), and also contributes to the recovery and safekeeping of our community’s heritage.
Our activity has grown so much in recent years that private individuals and businesses of all types have now come to rely on the firmly established professionalism of our workforces.

  • Services Offered

    • All types of painting both external and internal
    • Maintenance and repairs
    • Plumbing and Electrical services
    • Packing and Moving services
    • Landscaping and Tree services