Il Cantiere della Provvidenza SPE (Society People Environment) is an innovative model of cooperation for the regeneration and appreciation of Society and of the Environment, with People at the heart of all its activity.
Il Cantiere della Provvidenza SPE was founded in Belluno in 2013 as a result of the coming together of a group of people with different experiences and backgrounds, who decided to use their collective expertise to set about tackling the challenge of creating a new model of community support, inspired by the principles of “generative welfare”, centering on developing self-sufficiency as well as boosting the local economy.
People and the environment are at the center of our operations as a concrete answer to the challenges we face today, both on a local and national scale as well as at a European and an international level.
By acting for the common good Il Cantiere della Provvidenza SPE hopes to foster a more balanced, sustainable and inclusive economy and to become a genuine business dedicated to social issues. Our main priority is to restore human dignity by offering employment to people who are societally marginalized while also always keeping an eye on producing goods and services of the highest quality.



The main aim of Cantiere della Provvidenza is to generate a system which goes beyond the simple idea of social assistance, but rather helps people to become part of the workforce, building a framework of values based on working together and on the common challenge of restoring a sense of belonging to those members of society with disabilities or vulnerabilities, thus consolidating our philanthropic function.
Il Cantiere della Provvidenza SPE creates a synergy between the concept of social responsibility and an organized network of business resources, where the centrality of people is always of uppermost importance. In this sense Cantiere della Provvidenza represents an innovative and revolutionary cultural evolution in that it helps and supports the development of business projects and brings added value to the Belluno region.

“Work before everything. Because it is work that creates dignity and makes people feel human in the deepest sense of the word” (Mons.Giovanni Nervo).

For this reason Il Cantiere della Provvidenza is trying to establish a method which bases its principles on the building of dignity for individual people, by setting them on a personal path to independent living, using the innovative means of financial self sufficiency provided by our activities (Cantieri)